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While traditional research is like a one-night-stand, communities are like a long-term relationship, where trust and comfort provide deeper insights. And sometimes you really need to know more.

With traditional research you not only have to ask everything you want to know in one go (demos, likes, dislikes etc.), after this fleeting encounter, your opportunity for deeper probing is gone. With INFOCUS Mobile Communities, we help you build customer brand relationships that are honest and to the point, over a period of time, thus creating a trusted longitudinal relationship with these customers, leading to a deeper penetrating understanding of your product or service.

Our Mobile Community App (branded or unbranded)

INFOCUS offers both branded community options unbranded communities. Consumers download the app onto their phone interact on an ongoing basis for different research and engagement tasks. The mobile interface makes research accessible when and where consumers want allows immediate feedback at key decision making moments.

Unbranded communities are distinctive from traditional Market Research Access Panels as they provide continual engagement and retain longitudinal data on consumers rather than treating each interaction as new and separate.

Branded communities allow consumers to interact directly with the brand by building the brand relationship.

Why Communities?

Why Communities?

From a consumer perspective:

  • There is a single point of contact (a single app interface)
  • Questions are not asked numerous times (particularly demographic questions), ensuring surveys are shorter & more relevant (sent according to consumer interest / life stage / situation etc.)
  • A greater feeling of belonging – feeling part of a community rather than a name or a number in an email list

From a business perspective:

  • Individual project recruitment is not required (lowers operating costs)
  • Individual incentives are not necessarily required for each piece of work – often working on a prize-draw incentive model
  • Longitudinal data is retained on each respondent – allowing for better recruitment targeting, augmentation of results where required & shorter surveys
  • Simple facilitation of multiple-touchpoint extended pieces of work such as consumption diaries, co-creation NPD work etc.
Longitudinal Consumption Diaries

Longitudinal Consumption Diaries

Benefits for Businesses:
Cost effective measurement & understanding of actual behaviour.

Benefits for Consumers:
Natural & non-invasive data collection method via mobile.

Lunch diary – being able to see what consumers eat for lunch each day of the week. Individual drill downs allow for detailed case studies & collective analysis allow for population understanding.

Mobile Based Product / Concept Testing

Mobile Based Product / Concept Testing

Benefits for Businesses:
Cost effective & fast turn around feedback on single or multiple concepts.

Benefits for Consumers:
Convenient research methodology that can be completed in down time. Natural form of communication.

Concept test with 3 concepts. KPI metrics such as appeal, purchase intent, & uniqueness are reported back at an overall level, with qualitative feedback overlayed for greater insight.

Longitudinal Campaign Evaluation

Longitudinal Campaign Evaluation

Benefits for Businesses:
Ongoing evaluation of marketing communication with the same group of people, allowing true focus on the campaign itself rather than collateral brand influences.

Benefits for Consumers:
Quick and simple feedback via mobile, taking little time on a focussed topic

Ongoing recall of specific media topic coverage during a specific campaign. Added benefit of being able to link extra participant feedback from previous / additional work.

Engagement Tasks – Adding Context to Tracking

Engagement Tasks – Adding Context to Tracking

Benefits for Businesses:
No additional cost to collect incremental qualitative feedback throughout a tracking project.

Benefits for Consumers:
Continual interaction & opportunity to provide feedback on topics of interest / relevance.

Study focussed on collateral surrounding a key topic of interest in a local area

Why choose?  The platform enables a seamless longitudinal view – the ‘never ending project

Why choose? The platform enables a seamless longitudinal view – the ‘never ending project


Features of our Mobile Community App

Chat Functionality

  Engages with respondents people on their terms & allows for personal interactions


  In-the-moment short surveys, complete suite, image capture included in questions


  1-2-1 chat, group chat, mobile ethnography, image capture, open-ended freeform text


  Longitudinal Combination & Analysis: Seamlessly combining data sets over time

Geo-fencing: (since February 2016)

  Situational survey / research task notification – based on the location.               

Passive data collection

  Phone usage observation                                                                                                                                             

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