Privacy Policy

Basic Privacy laws on Mobile / Internet usage in Vietnam Anti-Spam regulated by Decree 90/2008/ND-CP (Decree No. 77) (the “Anti-spam Decree”), which applies to advertising emails and text messages. And requires…

The Vietnam Law States

  • You must give prior consent before an email or text message may be sent.
  • “Consent Notice” must be clearly expressed
  • Your Records of the consents must be saved

Infocus Actions

  • We send out short invitation to join our panel (joining is voluntary)
  • You have option to opens link and join
  • Saved in our data base portal and backed up

We receive The Consent Notice from participants about the following

  • A general description of information to be provided in the advertising and the products and services concerned;
  • Notice of the maximum number of advertising emails that will be sent and when.
  • Recipients must be given an opportunity to opt-out from receiving advertising emails/messages.
  • We are a market research company gathering data to improve brands and service(see about us)
  • Your data is protected by ESOMAR privacy codes and only used in aggregate ( no names, or personal detailed divulged)
  • We note that we shall contact you a few times / month during work hours as a maximum
  • You may unsubscribe at anytime


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