Unique U&A and tracking capabilities through the usage of mobile data capture and IFM Mobile Panel members.

Brand tracking allows a company to keep track of how it is doing in the marketplace versus the completion and acts as an on-going monitor.

It allows to identify, what works and what does not and how marketing activities impact both you brand and those of the competition.

What makes INFOCUS tracking unique?

We provide a unique option to traditional U&A and tracking work by providing the option of using Mobile data capture and IFM panel members for fast and cost-effective real-time behavior measurement.

Why to choose INFOCUS for tracking?

Why wait for information until it is too late to act upon, when you can receive your core brand health measures within days updated on to your own portal dashboard. Up to 15 questions. (We already have all demographics). Brand health tracking is ideal for mobile data capture as it allows for quick turnaround time and can answer all key brand health elements such as;

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand usage
  • Advertising awareness (Top of Mind, Aided, etc)
  • Advertising cut through / impact / Purchase persuasion
  • Brand image
  • Brand preferences
  • Brand switching
  • Brand pricing
  • Media sources

Would like to know more about our tracking expertise?

Would like to know more about our tracking expertise?

Do not hesitate to ask us directly! We’ll be glad to discuss your business problem and help you to find best solutions for you.


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