No black box, rather research driven strategy.

IFM Consult provides practical research-driven consultancy services

Guided by identifying the business issues first by engaging with senior management and formulating hypothesis, which drive the investigation and which stakeholders to include from the onset.

Our strategic consulting focus

Traditional market research lacks impact because agencies focus on the customer question in isolation without considering the underlying business issues clients face.  We consider our Clients to be partners. INFOCUS aims to feel more like an extension of your team rather than a vendor.




What is the business problem?

  • Start with the end in mind – work across the business to create a shared view of desired outcome & map out the implementation landscape
  • Articulate the customer impact & the rational levers needed to achieve it, develop approach to delivery and test with stakeholders
  • Identify key research outputs needed to build the business case for change
  • Use the desired customer outcome to develop the over-riding question and issue tree

What do customers want?

  • Develop an overall approach & research method to answer the key questions
  • Establish baseline & common starting point, e.g. internal view of segment or market size
  • Develop a template of the final output and plan & manage to completion
  • Reconcile outputs with finance and other internal & external data

What actions are going to deliver that?

  • Engage with stakeholders to ensure key customer / operational insights are correctly interpreted and shared
  • Provide support to ensure the research outputs are correctly integrated with other inputs to develop the required case for change
  • In some cases we provide ongoing support to embed customer measures directly into operational KPIs
  • This is what we mean by ‘commercial market research’ - research that directly enables you to create value

INFOCUS delivers integrated market research – from shaping business issues to action plans.

Would like to know more?

Would like to know more?

Do not hesitate to ask us directly! We’ll be glad to discuss your business problem and help you to find best solutions for you.

IFM Research is a technology-driven market research company specializing in mobile, custom & integrated strategic research in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos region.

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