Miaozhen & Infocus


World Class Digital Media Monitoring Services Enters Vietnam

April-2018 saw the formalization of a partnership between Miaozhen Systems, China’s digital advertising monitoring currency and Infocus Mekong Research, Vietnam leading mobile based research company.

The Partnership will provide Vietnam’s digital media and advertising community with a proven digital media measurements system, allowing for end users to establish the effectiveness of their campaigns and identify who their target audience is, using iGRP’s.

“When we opened up Kantar Media (TNS) TV audience measurement back in 1999, total advertising spend was only around US $300 Million per year. With the huge shift from traditional advertising to digital, growing at 30% plus per year and roughly US $200 Million in revenue, we feel now is the time to engage the digital community and provide a true bias free world class measurement system”, said Ralf Matthaes, Founder and Managing Director of Infocus Mekong Research.
“We are very proud and fortunate to have partnered with a proven entity such as Miaozhen Systems, a pioneer in digital advertising monitoring, as witnessed by its 65% market share in the world’s biggest market, China, and is considered China’s Digital Currency,” Matthaes added. Infocus hopes to emulate this success and provide Vietnam with a bias free third-party currency for years to come.

“Miaozhen’s success in China is not just technology. Applying technology with solid research fundamentals is crucial to bring real value to brands. Our breakthrough in IGRP was the result. In Vietnam, Ralf & his team at IFM have the great research experience & market understanding build up over 24 years, which is a perfect match for what we want to achieve in Vietnam. Together we shared a common vision of bringing trust to digital marketing.,” noted Wu Ming Hui, Founder, President & CEO of Miaozhen Systems.

Miaozhen has been providing its services to Vietnam’s largest media agency for several years and now shall be expanding these services to all digitally engaged companies in Vietnam.

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